Agricultural receipts

Agricultural receipts are the best way to get prepayment on bail for a future harvest!

Beginning from 2018, the corporation Zbarazkyi KHP provides advance payments for the grain of the new harvest under the agricultural commodity receipt. About 80 farms have benefited from our programs. More than 130 agrarian receipts have been issued, which is about two percent of the total number issued in Ukraine. As the experience demonstrates, agricultural receipts are a tool for conducting reputable business.

Before making a prepayment, we analyze the company’s reports of the recent years. Moreover, the reputation of the company is crucial for us, too. We prefer to work with a manufacturer who has worked with us for at least one marketing year, fulfilled all contract obligations, and maintained a decent partnership.

Advantages of agricultural receipts:

  • the process of registration and advance payment for the grain of the future harvest is processed within no more than two banking days;
  • no extra costs for assessment and insurance;
  • a reliable tool for doing business;
  • the opportunity to enter new markets.

Lets succeed together!

Lets succeed together!